I have been an athlete since 1997 and have done 26 marathons and countless triathlons, including 9 half ironman and 1 Ironman (2007). I continue to run a marathon and several triathlons each year. I am also a registered nurse and understand the benefits and importance of having and maintaining a healthy body. I work-out on average 1.5-3 hours a day and am often sore, after long training days. I have tried many self-therapies, including stretching, plyometrics, ice baths, Jacuzzi (before workouts), and the stick (plastic stick to roll on muscles). Although somewhat effective, I find that soreness is something I have to expect when training for endurance races such as marathons and half ironmen. I have been using the buffer for one month and have already seen significant decrease in soreness to my quads. I am actively training for the Boston Marathon and have increased my running significantly (8-16 miles/day). Using the buffer after each run has helped with the soreness. The analogy that seems to best describe the effects of the buffer is an electric toothbrush. The feeling in my muscles I get from the buffer is like the feeling I get after using an electric toothbrush - refreshed. My muscles feel like they have gotten a mini massage. I also notice the accumulative benefits of the buffer. By using it after each run, it has decreased the overall soreness, which allows me to train more effectively. I would recommend this to other athletes as it helps stimulate blood flow and flushes out the muscles.

Nancy F., Ironman Triathlete and Registered Nurse

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