The first thing I noticed was the texture of my skin feels a lot better. I’m someone who exercises a lot. I’m small and thin yet nothing has ever improved that "jiggle" problem which only gets worse as I age. So that is amazing and fantastic and worth the price of the HoneyBelle bodybuffer. At this point I’d say my cellulite is about 30-40% better which makes it a LOT better. It means I can wear a bathing suit and not feel horrible (well, not as much anyway). I think those are incredible results for such a short time since I had NO results from anything else. In fact, if that’s the best it ever gets, I’m more than satisfied. Really. However, I would tell anyone who asks that it takes commitment and persistence, especially if you have more than one problem area. Though as I see improvement, it makes the 2x-a-day less onerous...mostly. I’ve noticed that after a session, my legs are a little fuller (like after a leg workout). That lasts for about an hour and then – am I crazy? My legs seem a little thinner. I’m going to measure them and keep track.


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