I love the HoneyBelle bodybuffer. Many great things about it! First, the physiological effects! The massage is the best although I wish I could get more of my back. I have issues with my shin muscles due to a few surgeries on my feet. My shins tend to compensate for the loss of foot strength and consequently tighten up and create greater problems in the feet. When I used the bodybuffer on the shin area, while standing, the anterior tibialis releases the shins and allow my toes and forefoot to react as they should. I get the same results from using the buffer on the backs of the calf as well. I would imagine this to be very beneficial to athletes, dancers or anyone who spends a great deal of time on there feet. It is really incredible! While in a standing position I believe the flexed muscles in my legs, thighs and buttock react positively to the involuntary muscle activation from the buffer. It tends to feel like it is causing these muscles (as well as in other area, arms etc.) to fire…which is great. It causes more blood flow to the muscle, consequent muscle relaxation and recovery. It reduces the stiffness and sore felling that I experience quite frequently due to my daily participation in strenuous exercise. It is very different than a passive massage. Second, aesthetically, my skin feels so soft, smooth and bright. I’m sure this is also due to the increased blood flow but I believe the bodybuffer gets rid of dead skin cells as well. All in all I’m more than pleased with the results.

Diane Finkelday, ACSM, NSCA, ACE, Spinning O, Yoga Alliance, (RYT) Personal, Group FitLifestyle Trainer/Coach

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