AMAZING !!!!! I tried a friend's bodybuffer at the end of February because she was raving about it and, I must say, her cellulite seemed to be less pronounced. But ever skeptical, I borrowed it for a weekend and used it a total of 4 times, five minutes each, then had to give it back. Even after 4 usages, my skin felt smooth and silky, which hasn't been the case in years. It looked healthier too. My problem areas are "saddlebag thighs" even though I exercise and run. I bought a bodybuffer online and have been using it now for almost 3 weeks and WHAT A DIFFERENCE. Am I crazy? After years of cellulite dimples, they seem to be melting away, my skin is firmer, it almost glows and using it on my calf and thigh areas after running leaves my muscles with a flushed feeling of rejuvenation. THIS IS GREAT!

Barbara B.

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